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Worms, Worms Everywhere!

Today for Science in Group 12 we talked about the HABITAT of an earthworm. We know that earthworms live in soil where there is moisture but they can also live in compost bins and worm farms. During our Science lesson we visited the WORM FARM in our school garden and had a look at LOTS and LOTS  of wriggly worms!


We took a few inside and looked at them through the DIGITAL MICROSCOPE on the interactive whiteboard. They looked huge and we could see so many details in their body like the segments, the head and the saddle (which is the part we were calling the hump).

And did you know that if an earthworms tail is broken off it will grow back!!

These are some of our drawings of earthworms after we looked at them more closely through magnifying glasses.

photo 2 photo 1