Science Semester 1

Foundation Year- Chemical Science:

This term students in Prep will be exploring objects in the school environment and what they are made of. This unit will help students to develop skills in observing, describing, comparing and communicating.

Year 1- Earth & Space Sciences:

This term Year 1 students investigated change in the natural environment. Through outdoor observations and photographic records, students investigated daily, weekly and seasonal changes in the local environment.

Year 2- Earth & Space Sciences:

Water is essential for life. Year 2 students have explored how water is used, where it comes from and how to use it responsibly.
Through hands on activities students have investigated how water is collected and stored and how the flow of water influences the construction of water storage facilities.

Middle School- Earth & Space Sciences:

Students will discover that we live a world that is constantly changing. Sometimes change occurs through catastrophic events such as landslides or through gradual processes that change the quality and composition of soils and landscapes. Students’ understanding of soils, rocks, and landscapes and how they change over time is developed through hands-on activities and student-planned investigations.