Reading & Viewing

We use a consistent approach to plan and teach reading across the school to ensure that student learning is supported & extended for improved student outcomes.

  • A daily 1 hour reading session
  • Small group, guiding reading sessions
  • Differentiated teaching and learning determined by student learning needs.
  • Learning intentions that are articulated to the students.
  • Lessons that move learning from supported practice to student independent practice.
  • Modelling and practising of key comprehension strategies- specifically the High Reliability Literacy Teaching Practices. 
  • Planning documents that show learning intentions and teaching strategies.
  • Incorporation of the E5 framework with the lesson plan (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate)
  • The use of a range of reading instructional approaches incorporating:  whole class, small group work, collaborative learning groups, and individual work.
  • Ongoing and regular assessment.
  • Regular and purposeful teacher and peer feedback.
  • A home reading program that allows students to bring chosen texts home to read  with their parents, guardians/families.