The Arts

The Arts engage students in critical and creative thinking and helps them understand themselves and the world. It encourages the development of skills and the exploration of technologies, forms and processes through different forms.

At Reservoir Primary school it is our aim to teach an engaging and enjoyable arts program that arouses student curiosity and links students to a world of creativity, imagination and culture. Curriculum planning is innovative and includes links to ICT, which ensures  programs are engaging and relevant.

Through The Arts students are able to create and explore visual culture, and performances in contemporary and traditional genres. At Reservoir Primary we use The Arts disciplines of Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Communication to plan programs. These programs reflect the cultural diversity of students and school communities and the growth in information and communications technology.

Visual art is taught to all students from Foundation to year 6 in a large well-equipped art studio with a new interactive whiteboard. Curriculum planning is innovative and includes links to ICT, which ensures the program is engaging and relevant. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of materials and mediums and follow personal interests to create individual artworks across a wide range of areas including:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Paper construction and collage
  • Modeling
  • Construction

Have a look at what our students are doing in both Visual and Performing Arts further in our website.