We see education as a partnership between school and home. Communication is encouraged on any topic that you think may affect your child’s ability to learn.

Our family gathering, held annually in February, is the perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to meet in an informal setting and establish strong links.

Written reports, including children’s self-evaluation, are sent home twice a year and the mid-year report is discussed at a more structured Parent / Teacher Conference. Of course other meetings with a teacher, the vice-principal or the principal may be arranged if necessary.

You will find the Information Booklet  to be a handy reference guide to general school organisation;  the weekly Newsletter keeps you up-to-date with current events.

Obviously, there are forms to fill in; for example, we need your permission to take your child on an excursion, and you will want to provide us with a contact number if you’re not going to be home during school hours.

The attached forms are also available from the School office: