School Council

On behalf of our School Council we welcome back all our existing families and our new families in 2017.

The School Council is responsible for the educational policies and plans of the school. Members of Council also have the responsibility of managing the financial affairs of the school.

Introducing our School Council Members:

  • Mohammed Hussain- School Council President 
  • James Lynch- Vice President 
  • Helen Miller – Executive Officer (Principal)
  • Marcel Lammerse
  • David Thirketlle-Watts
  • Connie Williams- Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Bogdanovski- Minutes Secretary

State policy guidelines indicate that school-community interaction is vital to the development of educational programs. To enable this policy development process to be truly representative, parents are invited to nominate as a member (one of six), along with two elected staff representatives and a community member. The Principal, as the School Council’s Executive Officer, is an ex-officio voting member.

The position of School Councillor can be extremely rewarding, and gives an insight into the running of a school, with its associated programs and fundraising. We welcome your involvement.

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