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The You Can Do It program focuses on developing the full potential of children of all ages, to become highly successful and happy people. By delivering this well-being program in our school we aim to develop the full potential of our students to become independent learners, develop their leadership capacity and be self-managing and resilient when dealing with challenging situations.

Throughout the program students will learn about:

  • Setting goals
  • Various emotions
  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Self-acceptance
  • Positive self-regard
  • Managing time
  • How not to worry about things

In Term 3 our focus foundation was RESILIENCE; in Term 4 we will be focusing on PERSISTENCE.

Please feel welcome to visit the You Can Do It website to have a look at some more interesting information about the program.

Late last term we held a competition with students to design an Olympic logo and mascot for the RPS Mini Olympics.  Last week the JSC voted on the winners who were:
Logo design – Zach Dghman from Group 12 Olympic Mascot
Mascot design – Thomas Taylor and Louis Teissonniere from Group 9Olympic Thomas and Louis









Term 3 Highlights:

  • Mini-Olympics
  • School Concert



What’s coming up in Term 1 2016?

Our Getting to Know You Interviews and Family Evening are coming up soon!




What an amazing Art Expo we hosted at our school in the last week of Term 3! With the theme of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, our students magnificent creativity was show cased over a number of days. The multi-purpose room was transformed into a delicious, brilliantly colourful tea party;

IMG_3242                         IMG_3223

Students canvases flowed along the corridor where Moorella also took pride of place.               IMG_3266IMG_3250







The library boasted some life size ‘big books’ bringing to life characters from the much loved story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.









Thank you to all the students for sharing their magnificent work and to our Visual Arts teachers, Luisa Macheda and Sonia Boots for organising such a tremendous event.


Science Week

We enjoyed celebrating Science Week 2015 with a fun, exciting Science Activity Day. Students took part in many creative Science activities throughout the day; they enjoyed making sherbet, 3D glasses, slime, taking a close up look at worms using magnifying glasses, making an electrical circuit and lots of other various investigations. The range of activities allowed students to explore the different areas of Science; Biological, Physical, Earth and Space and Chemical.

IMG_4651    IMG_4653



New Sandpit!

During the school holidays there is something exciting happening at Reservoir Primary School!

sandpit 3

The construction of our new Sandpit! We are hoping that when the students return to school after the holidays, they will be greeted with the excitement of a lovely, new sandpit to enjoy.

sandpit                    sandpit 1


Moorella the Cow!

Moorella Duffy has dramatically changed her appearance over Term 2. She is looking quiet ‘glamorous’ and is almost finished. Together, the students, Mrs Sonia Boots, (one of the Visual Arts teachers), and parents from our school community, have created and completed a fantastic design for Moorella Duffy.

moorella 1      moorella

Shortly, Moorella will join many other cows for the judging of her design, before she returns to Reservoir Primary to take pride of place somewhere in our school yard.


Family Night 2015

On Wednesday the 18th of February we had our annual Family Night. Our school community gathered together in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Families brought food to share from their various cultural backgrounds. The food was amazing and really delicious. We also had the famous ‘Mrs Franzone sausage sizzle’, jumping castles, and music and dancing. It was a great evening.

fm1 fm2 fm3

The jumping castles are always a popular item at the Family Evening.


Just some of the wonderful food families brought to share. Yum!

fm5Dancing during the Family Evening.

fm6“We all had a great time at Reservoir Primary’s Family Evening!”


Camp Waratah Bay 2015

Students from Years 3 to 6 had a wonderful time earlier in February at Camp Waratah Bay, a great beach camp experience. Enjoy some of the photos from the camp.

camp 1

The students participated in various obstacle courses and activities that encouraged team work and getting along.

The beach is across the road from the camp and is a wonderful place for exploring.

Camp 4

And sometimes you may find some interesting creatures as Hugo and Edward have!

Camp 9

The Year 6 students of 2015 who attended camp and their teachers posing on the beach.

Camp 6

Maria and Zahlia enjoy being creative with the sand. Great sandcastles!

Camp 8

Ms Kavas, paparazzi,  had every moment of camp covered with her trusted camera.

Camp 10


Nude Food Day 2014 at Reservoir Primary School:


No wrappers, no packaging!




Healthy food and a clean, rubbish free school yard!