Slippery, Slimy Snails!

“We had a really fun Science lesson today looking at snails. I even held a baby snail and looked at their bodies through a magnifying glass” – Audrey Group 4



“It was really exciting and fun in Science because l’ve never seen a snail that close before. It was interesting watching how it was moving and how it felt in my hand” – Chantel Group 4


“Preeti and l named the snails we looked at today in Science- their names were Rhino, Besi and Daniel. It was very interesting having a close up look at the snails with the magnifying glass. We noticed many things including a hole near the snails feelers, this is a breathing hole-

Thomas Group 4.Thomas and Preeti


“Today was the first time l have seen a snail, especially so close up. My snail kept moving onto the side of the plate. It was so fun to watch and touch the snail- Anaelle Group 4


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