Visual Art

Term 4


Students at Foundation level will be studying Aboriginal culture and art, looking at the traditional tale “The Rainbow Serpent” and developing their fine motor skills as they use paint brush strokes and scissors to create their own cardboard rainbow serpent.


Students will also be learning about the importance of recycling and reusing our waste materials. They will be studying the work of artists who create beautiful art out of what would otherwise be rubbish! Students will make artworks from household rubbish such as milk bottle lids, other colourful lids and containers, and discarded CDs.


Thank you very very much to those parents who have been washing your milk bottle lids and sending them in, we really appreciate your help and support.

We are still desperate for more clean, colourful rubbish!! Please continue to send in your coloured lids. Thank you.

 Jennifer De Silva

Senior School

Australian Indigenous Artists

Groups 9, 10, 11 & 12

Students reflect on and draw ideas from the artwork of Utopian artist Rosemary Petyarre. Through a range of drawing and painting activities students explore the shapes, colours and appearance of leaves from local native trees. These are then used to create a final artwork consisting of patterned collaged leaves.

Groups 13 and 14

In responding to Esme Timbery’s Shellworked Slippers, the core themes of generational knowledge and connection are explored. Students gain an insight into the historical context in which artwork is made, its connection to place and country, and its role in cultural maintenance. Students will use Ipads to take foot selfies and collect local plant materials to collage over the photographs.

Later in the term year 5 students will begin an independent art project while year 6 students work to create artwork for their graduation ceremony.

Sonia Boots